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A Bus Ride To You [Jul. 2nd, 2014|11:20 pm]
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Title: A Bus Ride To You
Pairing: Kaisoo
Rating: g
Word Count: +- 2500
Summary: It only took one bus ride and nine years to get to you.

The soft wind was seeping through the slightly opened window, flapping his curtains and making him sneeze softly. Another morning with cold temperature and rain. Jongin instinctively held out his hand to her petite wife, circling his arms around her slim waist and hugging her from behind, because she was always impossibly warm even in the middle of winter like this, one of too many things he liked from his spouse.

“You opened the windows again,” he managed to protest with a raspy sleepy voice. “I’m freezing.”

“Just a little bit. You know I like cold, and it’s raining,” she answered with as sleepy voice, but her voice was never raspy like Jongin’s. It was always soft and clear, another thing he couldn’t possibly live without. “You’re warm now.”

“Yeah. Lucky to have you.”

“Get back to sleep.” She scolded him lightly, but Jongin was more than sure that he could hear a smile behind her words.

He felt like he could endure a whole year of winter as long as he had his wife beside him. Hell, he didn’t mind to endure anything as long as he had her, the sun to which his world gravitated, because everything else seemed meaningless compared to Kyungsoo. A buzzing chuckle and a nuzzle to his wife’s brown hair were all it took to make him feel drowsy again.

“Happy first anniversary,” he managed to whisper and pulled her closer before sleep consumed him. “My sun. I love you.”

“I love you too,” she pulled Jongin’s hand to her lips and kissed his knuckles softly. One, two, three, and she brought his palm to her warm cheek before kissing it tenderly. “My world.”

The two had always known that they liked each other,
But none of them dared to speak out their feelings
Until one fateful day..

Jongin woke up with a smile on his face. Well, he actually always woke up with a pretty smile gracing on his handsome face. To him, mornings were not just starter of new days, but another day to meet the love of his life. It might be a little bit wishful thinking, but he liked to pretend that he was the one sitting beside her, not the air sitting on the empty bus seat beside the doe eyed girl.

Jongin held out his hand to grab his phone on his nightstand and checked the time. He opened his eyes wide and cussed a bit before shooting up from his sleeping position. He woke up half an hour later than usual and blamed Sehun for calling him until past-midnight, mentally planning to ask him to buy him lunch later. He got up and took his towel from the rack carelessly, before half running to the bathroom, sneezing loudly while hoping that his two sisters remembered to spare him hot water.

It only took twenty minutes for him to finish everything and grab his toast, trapped it in between his teeth, and shuffled to get his shoes on. Another trip to the kitchen for another swig of his milk and a goodbye kiss to his mom before he ran out of the house. It only five minutes before the departure of the usual bus he took to school, and he really didn’t want to miss ten minutes of heaven staring at his beautiful baby. Well, technically not his because he hadn’t even made a move yet, but he was sure that he would. One day.

His baby, her name was Kyungsoo, was apparently the one who made a move first, or Jongin hoped so.

He was freezing and sneezing unceremoniously in his seat adjacent to Kyungsoo’s because he was definitely the smartest person on earth. He might’ve hit his head pretty hard when he slept last night that he forgot to wear his muffler. The most disgusting thing of Jongin was his snotty and red nose, making him look like a runny nosed child without his mom to wipe his snot. This allergy really needed to stop, he grumbled to himself while resting his head on the bus window.

What he didn’t notice that time was that Kyungsoo had leaned on toward him and held out a pink hanky. Kyungsoo was smiling to him sincerely, full lips turned into a perfect heart shape that completely represented the air surrounding Jongin now. He beamed shyly in return and took the hanky from her beautiful milky hand, much whiter compared to Jongin’s brown one.

“Thanks.” He managed to croak, voice hoarse from too much sneezing. The girl just nodded and leaned back to her seat.

Maybe this allergic didn’t need to stop at all.

The following day, Jongin walked into the bus coolly, as usual sweeping his eyes discreetly to where his dream girl was usually seated. A paper bag was in his right hand and he was determined this time. He was definitely gonna talk to her today. His attire was matching from muffler to shoes, his hair was slicked back but still messy in a some part, imprinting a sexy school boy impression to those eyes seeing him.

Jongin wasn’t nervous though because he had practiced his line to Kyungsoo today. His smirk only became wider and sexier with every single step he took. His hand clasped his backpack tightly and he smiled when he spotted the said girl. But his face fell as quick as his heart beat.

There was this tall man beside her, and much to Jongin’s dismay, was handsome and attractive with wide smile and series of white perfect teeth. Kyungsoo clung to him like there was no tomorrow, head rested on his shoulder and the man’s hand was circling Kyungsoo’s shoulder, stroked her hair lovingly now and then. Jongin couldn’t help the forming pout on his face. He stomped to his usual seat and finally Kyungsoo spotted him and beamed.

"Jongin!" her voice was shy but sure, and it made Jongin's inside tremble, but he immediately looked away because he wasn't quite sure if it was because of jealousy or happiness.

If only he glanced back at Kyungsoo, he would spot her face turned sour and his lips formed a trembling pout.

Jongin only saw her when she buried her face in the guy’s chest, but failed to see crystal clear drops of tears on her flushed cheeks.

Jongin woke up feeling bitter. He felt so uneasy today because of his previous childish demeanor to Kyungsoo. If only that guy hadn’t come failing his perfect plan, he might’ve had Kyungsoo’s number and been texting with her by now. Her pink hanky was still lying weakly inside the plastic bag, just perfectly looked like Jongin right now.

The boy got up from his bed lifelessly, as if Kyungsoo had dumped him. Hell, maybe that was what had happened, except that Kyungsoo wasn’t even his. He dragged his feet lazily toward the bathroom, at the same time feeling nervous of what to do and what to say when he saw Kyungsoo later.

Nothing helped, including Sehun who just told him to ‘hurry up before the girl’s taken, or you just move on already’, and he kicked the cold asphalt and buried his face to his muffler even deeper. He was early today, but he still wanted to go with the usual bus because he wanted to see Kyungsoo. If she were with the sparkling teeth guy, that was just Sehun’s lame way of calling him, again, he would just give her hanky back and back off. He looked good with her, anyway, so Jongin should really have nothing to mourn about, because that was the way you love someone, right? To let her go even though it was hurt, as long as she was happy.

He was huffing his cheeks, trying to clear his mind and swallow down his bitterness when he saw a familiar figure walking carefully not too far in front of him. Her white legs were skipping some ice on the freezing asphalt, fluttering her short brown hair and shaking her backpack. Jongin was instantly blushing when her skirt was drawn up, exposing a pair of plush white snow thighs. He felt bad, though. After what he had done to her yesterday, now he adored her body like a hungry lion seeing a little lost lamb.

Kyungsoo felt like there was something eyeing her from behind, so she instinctively turned around, only to see Jongin widen his eyes in shock and bury his face impossibly deeper to his red muffler. A pout was forming on her lips again upon remembering the event on the bus. She decided to walk to school to avoid the said boy but instead she met him here. What a sad coincidence.

Jongin was chickening out when he saw Kyungsoo stomping away hastily from him, so he decided better not to talk to her now.

His whole four years of high school passed by without Kyungsoo in it.

Kyungsoo’s? Vice versa.

Eight years later, Jongin had already been a totally new person. A bachelor degree of Engineering was in his hand, and he couldn’t be any more proud of himself, although he kept it low in front of other people.

He had gone back to his hometown to make as much as better changes there. He was just too dedicated to his hometown to leave it forever even though he might get much better job in Seoul. And maybe to take another sight of his first love, the girl he like from the all-girl school. The girl he remembered always sitting in that spot adjacent to him on bus.

Kyungsoo, whom he had never had a gut to talk to, even though they had been exchanging not so secret shy glances for entire years of high school.

It was another winter when he walked around his hometown, re-familiarizing himself with the modest but beautiful town. He did never forget his muffler now, the only thing he had actually learned from high school.

The street near his former school was still familiar to him despite little changes here and there. Four years leaving the town didn’t even make him hesitate to walk around and he was quite contented of it. When he passed by a junction near his school, a jingle from a bell from a café across the street stirred his hunch. He suddenly wanted to come by and why not? He decided to take a picture of it with his camera from across the street before crossing the street and entering.

It was a new café, or at least he thought it was, and the interior looked warm and homey. The shade of browns was the main color in the café, only making it even more comfy in a freezing temperature like this. The smell of coffee and chocolate was hanging thick on the air. Jongin immediately smiled upon feeling comforted.

He sat on the window booth near the cashier with a cup of hot chocolate in front of him when he saw a familiar figure with big eyes and gangly limbs standing around the cashier machine, awkwardly talking to a petite girl with too much eyeliner lining her eyes. At first Jongin was shocked seeing the girl the cashier talked to. Her figure was pretty much the same with his first love’s and it brought a wave of guilt and longing to her heart.

Jongin findled with his fingers clasping around the warm cup and looked across the street. The snow was falling, making the sight almost magical with its white fluffy cottonish rain. Jongin’s heart wasn’t as comfortable as the atmosphere surrounding him, though. If anything, his heart was doing somersaults while being crashed by a juggernaut at the same time upon mistaken the eyeliner girl with Kyungsoo.


The name was almost foreign in his tongue, but never was in his heart. To be honest, he thought about her every single day he was in Seoul. Never did he miss a day without thinking about how her brown hair fell in her shoulders and framed her dangerously cute face. And he thought that maybe his life was moving on, but his heart wasn't. He just hoped Kyungsoo did too.

“Hallo!” the calm atmosphere was broken by a deep loud voice from the cashier guy, splitting Jongin’s concentration. He looked away to the cashier guy. He was wedging the phone on his shoulder and smiled widely. Almost instantly, a memory crash into him. The guy with Kyungsoo on the bus. Jongin brushed his palm to his face and up to his hair, leaning back to his seat in frustration. Why do I have to meet him instead of Kyungsoo?? Sad sad life of Kim Jongin.

“Kyungsoo-ya! I miss you!”

Jongin’s ears perked up hearing his first love’s name being mentioned. It was a little bit painful for Jongin to hear him talk to Kyungsoo like that. To him, it was unfair how the gangly limb boy got to call and openly say that he missed Kyungsoo like that.

He tried to calm his heavy breathing down in order to listen more clearly to their conversation. He didn’t even care anymore that he was eavesdropping.

“Mom misses you, too, of course! You silly,” the pearly teeth guy teased. Mom? Jongin raised his eyebrows. “Grandma misses you too. Kyungsoo come back home quick, please!”

Jongin almost chokes on thin air hearing how the conversation going. So he’s probably Kyungsoo’s relative?

Good Jongin.

Great job.

You just missed eight years of being with your first love.

Kyungsoo didn’t come back home until winter a year later. Traveling around the world was apparently drifting Kyungsoo’s attention to his hometown too far away. But that wasn't matter, because she was now in a bus from Seoul to her hometown, coming back to where she belonged.

She hopped out of the bus to the bus stop near her house, but when the usual bus she took from home to school came by and stopped in front of her nose, something told her to drag her tired feet and her huge ass suitcase to climb into the bus’ ladder.

She smiled when her usual spot wasn’t occupied and immediately sat there. Adjacent to her was a man with muffler up to his nose staring through the window.

Kyungsoo froze on the spot. Her heart was coming to a halt for a millisecond before it came to a festive rhythm and she could hear her blood rushing through her ears.

The man slowly turned around, staring at her with droopy eyes. His eyes widened, and Kyungsoo could see sparkles in his hazy eyes.


The man nodded and pulled his muffler down, revealing the most sincere smile she had ever seen in her entire life.

She hoped her smile was as sincere, for her tears were starting to spill and her facial muscle started to dysfunction.

Jongin walked to her carefully. A pink hanky was drawn from her pants pocket before it reached her eyes, wiping her tears away.

“I finally got to see you again,” Jongin smiled and stroked her cheek. “My first love.”
Even though Jongin whispered the last words, Kyungsoo was sure she heard it right, and her heart couldn’t be any more swelled with relief and love.

--For Kak Re, who gave me the prompt, for Ann, and for Nat
--Please enjoy my disgusting Kaisoo fic ya thankyou sorry abal hehehehe mwah
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